How Often Should You Change Your Oil

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Changing your oil regularly is critical to maintaining your vehicle’s health. While it used to be that your vehicle’s oil needed to be changed every 3,000 miles, there have been advances in oil and engine technology that have extended that interval. Today, most vehicles can go between 7,500 and 10,000 miles between oil changes. This is a good estimate, but you’ll want to get the exact numbers from your vehicle’s owner’s manual where you’ll also find instructions about how often you should change your oil.

Oil Change Frequency Guidelines

While 7,000-10,000 miles is a broad guideline, certain vehicles will need their oil changed sooner. This is especially true for drivers who use their car for more than just commutes and errands, for those who or have more to bring along for the ride. If any of these circumstances apply to you, check with Jaguar Mission Viejo near Coto De Caza to see how soon you should bring your vehicle in:

  • Off-roading
  • Commercial use
  • Racing
  • Heavy towing

More Oil Change Tips

Whether you’re changing the oil on your own or bringing your vehicle into our service center, you’ll want to know these facts about oil changes:

  • Even if you don’t drive your car much, you’ll still want to get an oil change at least twice a year. Oil breaks down over time even if your car isn’t being used.
  • Whenever you get your oil changed, the technicians should replace the oil filter as well. You can always stop by the parts department at Jaguar Mission Viejo for an oil filter if you’re doing a DIY oil change.
  • Wondering whether to use synthetic vs. conventional oil? Check your owner’s manual. Synthetic oil can cost more, but some vehicles require it.

How Often Should I Check My Oil Level?

Our service experts recommend checking your oil level once a month as this will help catch any leaks in the system. You’ll also want to check the oil’s color as well as for the appearance of metal particles. Those can be signs of serious problems. If you notice you’re low on oil or notice another issue, schedule a service appointment with Jaguar Mission Viejo today.

Turn to Jaguar Mission Viejo for Oil Changes

In addition to service advice and certified technicians to keep your vehicle running smoothly on Laguna Beach roads, we offer parts and service specials to help you save more on the maintenance your vehicle needs. Need to schedule an appointment today? Contact Jaguar Mission Viejo.



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