What’s the History of the Jaguar Symbol?

November 21st, 2018 by

Jaguar Leaper hood ornamentSwallow Sidecar Company founded Jaguar in 1922. At the time, the vehicles sported an “SS” badge emblem on their hoods. In 1935, “Jaguar” was added to the name following the release of the Jaguar SS. Before the cessation of WWII, the “SS” was removed. It was time for an identity refresh. Two Jaguar symbols were introduced: a leaping Jaguar and a round logo with the roaring face of a jaguar. On new Jaguar vehicles, the round logo can be found the front fascias while the leaping feline is positioned on the rear fascias.

What’s the Color of the Jaguar Emblem?

The leaping Jaguar (trunk emblem) is designed with silver, metallic grey, and black coloring. On paper or media, it’s usually positioned against a white or black background. The round logo (front grille emblem) featuring the roaring head of a jaguar is surrounded in a silver circle and has a silver and red background.

What’s the Jaguar Logo Meaning?

The jumping jaguar is essentially the spirit animal of the car manufacturer. Although it’s no longer used as a hood ornament, the famed logo still makes a bold impression on Coto De Caza roads. The leaping jaguar represents strength, precision, power, and elegance — all traits Jaguar holds in high regard. The silver and metallic coloration represent sophistication. The round logo’s punch of red represents the brand’s passion for driving and sports car culture, and Jaguar models are still designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom today with this spirit in mind.

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